Innovator Health Delivers Results for One Rural Arkansas Hospital

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Innovator Health is working with one rural Arkansas hospital, the Great River Medical Center, to increase revenue (by $1.6 million/year) and deliver better care to patients.

They are doing this by connecting patients in rural locations to qualified doctors through the innovative telemedicine solutions offered by Innovator Health. This way, patients can conveniently access specialized care for more complex medical cases.

The hospital has overcome the problems with recruiting and retaining hospitalists. By having accessing to specialists through telemedicine, they can bill Medicare at the higher rates for more complex cases.

The program has been a success with the patients. Rather than driving farther away to a larger medical system, patients are finding the care they need at Great River Medical Center. Hospital admittance has been  higher since the program began, a significant result for a medical center that serves 16,000 patients total.

Click the link below to learn more about this work, or see how Innovator Health is working with industry leaders like Winrock International and Innovate Arkansas to deliver healthcare to underserved areas.

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