Bringing Healing Home

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In this article from Arkansas Hospitals, written by Vincent Turner Jr. FACHE, you’ll learn how St. Bernards Medical Center (SBMC) overcame the challenges brought on by the pandemic and COVID surges to develop a new level of crisis response by adopting telemedicine technologies. This allowed providers to improve patient care using home care services through new guidance from the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) and the St. Bernards Acute Health at Home (SBAH) program.

To ensure hospital-level care, a care team was assigned to the patient at home. Daily physician rounds and consultation was conducted using telemedicine technology, including the Innovator Health system. The result has been impressive and promising, with seamless care transitions from the home to the hospital. The SBMC continues to improve the processes, as well as borrowing and sharing best practices across the country. Learn more about this exciting program here.

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