For those who do not need a mobile unit, the ADVOCATOR is the wall-mounted version of the ROUNDER.

Direct Eye Contact

The ability to make eye contact during a telemedicine conference is unparalleled. Other systems simply do not allow it. However, all Innovator Health products contain patented designs that provide the most realistic physician-patient experience on the market.

Life-Size Image

Deliver your clinicians with the same quality interaction that they would have with an in-person office visit using a life-sized HD video stream.

Bandwidth Efficiency

The video platform used by all Innovator Health products operates on a cloud-based codec that requires only 750kbs, allowing it to run on a 4G cellular network. In addition, the platform is 100% HIPAA compliant.

Our Products Powered by IH Cloud

Innovator Health telemedicine systems all function with the same ease and simplicity of use as our customers have come to expect of us.


The ROUNDER 2 (R2) builds on the legacy of its predecessor, the ROUNDER, but with some new and improved options. The R2 is a smaller version of the ROUNDER and features a screen that can rotate from portrait to landscape orientation, providing the best possible telemedicine experience, even if broadcasting from a phone, tablet or laptop.


For those who do not need a mobile unit, the ADVOCATOR is the wall-mounted version of the ROUNDER.


The VISITOR is a case-based system that allows nurses to facilitate consultations between medical staff and the patient in his or her own home. Designed especially for hospice care, the VISITOR offers hospice patients and their families the opportunity to converse face to face with physicians, pharmacists, clergy and other medical professionals.


The SURVIVOR is a ruggedized telemedicine system that is designed to work in any environment and with no advanced training. Just unzip the bag, press the power button, and the SURVIVOR is ready to receive a call.


The STUDIO is the interface for communicating through the ROUNDER. Its unique and simple-to-use design delivers natural eye contact and engaging conversation with exceptional sound and image quality.


The R2M system allows you to change healthcare in regions with physician shortages, as well as rural and underserved areas. Our innovative approach ensures your patients have access to personalized healthcare by bringing your medical services directly to the areas that need it the most.