Custom Designed for our Military Partners, Now Available to You.

When time is of the essence, you need a telemedicine system that is rugged, simple, reliable, and delivers crystal clear calls on any cellular network.

No training required

With large time gaps between training and use, successful telemedicine encounters relies on simplicity. Single button on and off with an integrated set of medical devices, makes sure your team is always ready to go.

Low bandwidth

The IH telemedicine systems operate flawlessly on as little as 3G. This ensures great calls can take place anywhere they are needed.


Design to function in the extremes of temperature, noise, light, and vibration. We know our systems will not be used in a forgiving environment. That’s ok, because we designed them to be tough and ready to go.


If other devices our capabilities are needed, just let us know. We have custom designed systems for everyone from local EMS to the US military.

Our Products Powered by IH Cloud

Innovator Health telemedicine systems all function with the same ease and simplicity of use as our customers have come to expect of us.


The SURVIVOR is a ruggedized telemedicine system that is designed to work in any environment and with no advanced training. Just unzip the bag, press the power button, and the SURVIVOR is ready to receive a call.


The VISITOR is a case-based system that allows nurses to facilitate consultations between medical staff and the patient in his or her own home. Designed especially for hospice care, the VISITOR offers hospice patients and their families the opportunity to converse face to face with physicians, pharmacists, clergy and other medical professionals.


For those who do not need a mobile unit, the ADVOCATOR is the wall-mounted version of the ROUNDER.


The STUDIO is the interface for communicating through the ROUNDER. Its unique and simple-to-use design delivers natural eye contact and engaging conversation with exceptional sound and image quality.

Telemedicine brought to life.

We do not believe a telemedicine encounter has to be inferior to an in-person visit. Through our patented designs and simple-to-use platform, we know that both patients and their caregivers will actively pursue care via the Innovator technologies.