Designed for Hospitals and Clinics.

When your goal is to deliver telemedicine experiences that are so rich and natural, that neither the patient nor their caregiver ever sees the distance that separates them, you need the Innovator Health difference.


Telemedicine Truly Brought to Life.

Building strong patient rapport can be challenging even under the best of circumstances. Telemedicine can make it almost impossible without a life-like connection.

In a perfect world, you would train your telemedicine team only once and then never have to do it again. However, the reality is with constant shifts in clinical responsibilities, there is always someone new learning the job.

Our simplistic and minimalist designs not only means the IH systems are easy to use, but they are more reliable. Streamlining our carts to essential components reduces downtime, burdens on your IT staff, and ensures your team is always ready to deliver care.


Deliver your providers on our patented 55” high-definition portrait-oriented screen. Your patients will feel like their provider is right there in the room with them. It is the most immersive telemedicine system in the world today and ensures the most engaging and personal conversations.


Through our proprietary broadcast system called the STUDIO, the IH life-size image gives the viewer the impression of a 3-D appearance and requires no glasses. When your clinicians lean in and listen closer to their patients, your patients will feel the empathy and forget that they are miles apart.

Direct eye-contact

What builds trust and rapport more than smiling and looking someone in the eye? This critical piece of non-verbal human interaction was historically lost during a telemedicine exam. With the IH suite of telemedicine systems, your patients will get to experience the personal eye-contact connection with their provider.


One button is all it takes to turn on an IH telemedicine system. The IH platforms boot-up and load ready for a call without any interaction by your staff. Just roll it in the room and you're ready to go. This reduces the burden of constantly providing old training to new staff.


Not only do we deliver the most realistic interactions, but we do it with less bandwidth of any other telemedicine company on the market today. Our system bandwidth requirements are so low, that our hardware can function flawlessly on 3G. This ensures crystal clear audio and video can always be delivered despite spikes in network availability. Plus, with our optional cellular back-up, you can ensure your systems will never be down.

Need physician services?

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Our Products Powered by IH Cloud

Innovator Health telemedicine systems all function with the same ease and simplicity of use as our customers have come to expect of us.


The ROUNDER 2 (R2) builds on the legacy of its predecessor, the ROUNDER, but with some new and improved options. The R2 is a smaller version of the ROUNDER and features a screen that can rotate from portrait to landscape orientation, providing the best possible telemedicine experience, even if broadcasting from a phone, tablet or laptop.


The STUDIO is the interface for communicating through the ROUNDER. Its unique and simple-to-use design delivers natural eye contact and engaging conversation with exceptional sound and image quality.


The VISITOR is a case-based system that allows nurses to facilitate consultations between medical staff and the patient in his or her own home. Designed especially for hospice care, the VISITOR offers hospice patients and their families the opportunity to converse face to face with physicians, pharmacists, clergy and other medical professionals.


For those who do not need a mobile unit, the ADVOCATOR is the wall-mounted version of the ROUNDER.

Telemedicine brought to life.

We do not believe a telemedicine encounter has to be inferior to an in-person visit. Through our patented designs and simple-to-use platform, we know that both patients and their caregivers will actively pursue care via the Innovator technologies.