Telemed Technology Created by Physicians

We understand your needs. Our telemedicine solutions were created to deliver rich and natural experiences for emergency situations and the underserved. Innovative healthcare created for you, by physicians like you.

Built to serve your telemed needs

Hospitals & Clinics

Remotely extend high-quality patient care from larger urban health systems to rural and other smaller care facilities.

Emergency / EMS

Immediately deliver the right medical professional remotely to emergency facilities and patient-care locations.


Quickly configure and deploy remote care in the most austere conditions, with medical professionals from around the world.

IH Cloud™

Limited access to high-speed internet is the biggest obstacle to the expansion of telemedicine.
The IH CLOUD is changing the face of our industry by eliminating this obstacle.

Superior Image and Audio Quality

Our IH CLOUD transmits live HD video using only 750kbps – fast enough to operate over a 4G or LTE cellular connection. This allows rural sites with limited connectivity to still be serviced by your organization.

Secure Control

The IH CLOUD operates on a HIPAA compliant, 128-bit encryption protocol via your own dedicated server and IP address. Your IT team will have exclusive control over who can and cannot access your network.


The IH CLOUD can be accessed via any device using a Google Chrome environment. It’s as simple to use as email.


The IH CLOUD does not require any proprietary hardware codecs. This will provide your organization the flexibility to grow and expand without having to constantly upgrade your hardware.

Our Products Powered by IH Cloud™

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Telemedicine brought to life.

We do not believe a telemedicine encounter has to be inferior to an in-person visit. Through our patented designs and simple-to-use platform, we know that both patients and their caregivers will actively pursue care via the Innovator technologies.