The VISITOR is a case-based system that allows nurses to facilitate consultations between medical staff and the patient in his or her own home. Designed especially for hospice care, the VISITOR offers hospice patients and their families the opportunity to converse face to face with physicians, pharmacists, clergy and other medical professionals.

Direct Eye Contact

Although the VISITOR does not come with a life-size screen option due to its compact design, the technology still allows direct eye contact, which is of utmost importance in home-health settings.

Bandwidth Efficiency

Low bandwidth is important in any facility, but it’s especially valuable when nurses are making home visits. Other telemedicine systems are simply not able to function outside of a clinical setting; however, the VISITOR runs on a 4G cellular network, so as long as there is cellular service, patients and physicians can talk face to face.

Integrated Power Backup

With a 45-minute APC power backup, uninterrupted operation is guaranteed.

Easy Setup

One-button to power on the VISITOR is all it takes to be ready for a call. Since, the VISITOR operates in a kiosk mode, the physician can dial in without having anyone else there to answer the call. The simplicity of the VISITOR design makes it an ideal solution as a leave behind device for ongoing care.