IH Cloud ™

Limited access to high-speed internet is the biggest obstacle to the expansion of telemedicine.
The IH CLOUD is changing the face of our industry by eliminating this obstacle.

Superior Image and Audio Quality

Our IH CLOUD transmits live HD video using only 750kbps – fast enough to operate over a 4G or LTE cellular connection. This allows rural sites with limited connectivity to still be serviced by your organization.

Secure Control

The IH CLOUD operates on a HIPAA compliant, 128-bit encryption protocol via your own dedicated server and IP address. Your IT team will have exclusive control over who can and cannot access your network.


The IH CLOUD can be accessed via any device using a Google Chrome environment. It’s as simple to use as email.


The IH CLOUD does not require any proprietary hardware codecs. This will provide your organization the flexibility to grow and expand without having to constantly upgrade your hardware.

Powered by IH Cloud™


The STUDIO is the interface for communicating through the ROUNDER. Its unique and simple-to-use design delivers natural eye contact and engaging conversation with exceptional sound and image quality.


The ROUNDER is a major departure from the small, impersonal cart-based solutions on the market today. With a 55" HD display and direct eye contact with your patients, the ROUNDER delivers an experience that is unparalleled.

Rounder 2

The ROUNDER 2 (R2) builds on the legacy of its predecessor, the ROUNDER, but with some new and improved options. The R2 is a smaller version of the ROUNDER and features a screen that can rotate from portrait to landscape orientation, providing the best possible telemedicine experience, even if broadcasting from a phone, tablet or laptop.


For those who do not need a mobile unit, the ADVOCATOR is the wall-mounted version of the ROUNDER.


The VISITOR is a case-based system that allows nurses to facilitate consultations between medical staff and the patient in his or her own home. Designed especially for hospice care, the VISITOR offers hospice patients and their families the opportunity to converse face to face with physicians, pharmacists, clergy and other medical professionals.

Rounder 2 M

The R2M system allows you to change healthcare in regions with physician shortages, as well as rural and underserved areas. Our innovative approach ensures your patients have access to personalized healthcare by bringing your medical services directly to the areas that need it the most.