The ROUNDER 2 (R2) builds on the legacy of its predecessor, the ROUNDER, but with some new and improved options. The R2 is a smaller version of the ROUNDER and features a screen that can rotate from portrait to landscape orientation, providing the best possible telemedicine experience, even if broadcasting from a phone, tablet or laptop.

Direct Eye Contact

Other telemedicine systems use a top-mounted camera that doesn’t allow eye contact during a conversation. With all Innovator Health products, including the R2, patients and physicians can converse in the most personal way possible.

Life-Size Image

The R2 delivers the most lifelike telemedicine experience through the use of life-size images. Also, the ROUNDER’s 55” display is a great way to deliver educational and marketing content to your patients.

Bandwidth Efficiency

Innovator Health's products have a very low bandwidth requirement due to a cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant codec that transmits video using software rather than hardware. This requires only 750kbs, allowing the R2 to operate on a 4G cellular network.

Easy Setup

The R2 has one button to press to get the visit started. Other telemedicine systems require considerable training and setup to operate efficiently.