The ROUNDER is a major departure from the small, impersonal cart-based solutions on the market today. With a 55" HD display and direct eye contact with your patients, the ROUNDER delivers an experience that is unparalleled.

Direct Eye Contact

Eye contact is the most important non-verbal cue between two people. It is typically a sign of trust and caring, but with systems that use a top mounted camera, it does not exist. Through Innovator Health’s patented designs, your patients will enjoy a meaningful conversation with direct eye contact.

Life-Size Image

Deliver your clinicians with the same quality interaction that they have when they're in the same room as their patient through a life-size HD image. The ROUNDER can also be used a 55" billboard providing education and branding to your patients.

Bandwidth Efficiency

The Innovator Health video platform utilizes a HIPAA compliant codec that operates at a fraction of the bandwidth of traditional telemedicine systems—only 750kbs, so low that the ROUNDER can run on 4G cellular.

Easy Setup

Light weight and mobile, the ROUNDER has six large hospital grade casters that can allow the system to be placed wherever care needs to be delivered. Once in place, the system is fully operational with press of a single button.

Spec Sheet

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Flexible Workstation

The ROUNDER has an incorporated nurses workstation that will secure a laptop computer in place. This ensures you can leverage your own EHR without the security or data integration worries of a third party solution.

Broad Compatibility

The ROUNDER can be customized to support any of the telemedicine medical devices on the market today.

Antimicrobial Coating

The ROUNDER is coated in antimicrobial surfaces.

Secondary Display

The ROUNDER comes standard with a second retractable 27-inch monitor and video system that can be used for collaboration, education or an additional video call.

Integrated Power Backup

With a 45-minute APC power backup, you can ensure uninterrupted operations as the ROUNDER moves from location to location.

Kiosk Functionality

The ROUNDER can function as a kiosk without the need to have any onsite personnel answer the physician's call.