The R2M system allows you to change healthcare in regions with physician shortages, as well as rural and underserved areas. Our innovative approach ensures your patients have access to personalized healthcare by bringing your medical services directly to the areas that need it the most.

The R2M can be customized to meet any of your mobile healthcare delivery needs. Whether you are serving a remote community through satellite or cellular, the Innovator Health technologies will allow you to provide the most personal telemedicine experience available today. This will allow you to grow your market share in new and innovative ways.


Easy Setup

Innovator Health telemedicine systems function in a kiosk mode that powers up with the press of a single button and does not require anyone at the patient’s bedside to answer the physician’s call. This allows for easier transitions of care as different staff rotate through your mobile clinic.

Direct Eye Contact


Unlike traditional webcam telemedicine systems, the R2M allows natural eye-contact between the patient and remote physician. This eye-contact ensures a strong relationship can still develop despite their physical distance.


Life-Size Image

Our mobile telemedicine solutions provide the most life-like experience by delivering the physician in their life-size form directly to the patient’s bedside.

Bandwidth Efficiency

With the proprietary IH CLOUD, bandwidth limitations on the road are not an issue. The Innovator Health HIPAA-compliant telemedicine systems use an industry low 750kbs. The data use is so low, our technologies will allow you to deliver HD streaming anywhere there is a 4G cellular network.